The New World Bilingual Institute (NWBI)

NWBI is located at Thompson Hall, George Mason University, Fairfax, VA.

Our Mission:

To empower and enrich lives of all ethnic groups in greater harmony; To help people of all ages at all levels to learn, to communication, to appreciate the way of life in diverse culture and ethical values through the provision of cross cultures understanding and World language programs nationally and, internationally; To foster and develop the lifelong learners, build self-confidence and achieve success for a tomorrow’s leaders today.

Our Status:

NWBI is a 501(c)(3) non profit educational institute that was established in1994 in the Commonwealth of Virginia. NWBI is affiliated with George Mason University (GMU), and has partnership with Fairfax County Public School System.

Educational Services (World Language and Culture, Chinese, English, Seminars, Lectures, Workshops, Professional Development Programs):

Promoting Chinese and American heritage through the provision of programs emphasizing World Language and cultural awareness, leadership and communication. and community service. These programs are centered on the cultural and ethical values comprising the diverse way of life in the United States.
The curriculum is based on the current ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Language) “Language Proficiency Guidelines” to help students of all ages to learn, to understand, and to appreciate the Chinese and English languages and the cultures that they represent; to help them move from one level to the next and to integrate that with their formal education. NWBI provides a spectrum of special designed Chinese / English Language and Culture classes to the public and especially, for the families with adopted Children who would like to learn Chinese.

Professional Development Center and other educational programs include:

Various Professional Development Programs Chinese/English teachers training programs, English, leadership and communication classes, seminars, lectures, workshops, training programs for all ethnic groups in US and overseas counties.

Community Outreach Services (provided throughout the year):

NWBI provides an array of ongoing opportunities to the people of all ethnic groups.
These free/volunteer community services which include: various of lectures on carrier, health, skills, and families; job information, vocational training programs, mentoring, tutoring, ESL, language, translation, citizenship preparation, cross-cultural workshops, culture events, festivities, sports (Friday nights, 6-10 PM, Sunday, 3-6 PM, GMU-PE Building).

The New Age Television Program: Broadcasting on Fairfax Public Access, Channel 10, 30

Daily Chinese News, New Magazine, Weekly Chinese Culture, Chinese Language

Location and schedule:

Classes are offered at Thompson Hall, George Mason University, Fairfax Campus
Classes on Sunday, afternoons from 1-6 PM.
Workshops on Saturday afternoons, and Weekday evenings.
Each School Year starts on September Sunday at 1:30 PM, after the Labor Day Holiday
2nd Semester starts on Last Sunday of January
Registration Required

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